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Large diesel standby generator for sale

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For Sale: Over Voltage Monitor

Model No. EV-01

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Compatible Brand: Kutai Electronics
Compatible Models:
Dimensions: 101x69x23.5mm


Terminals L1, L2 sensing input - 210-290VAC jumper removed, 400-480VAC jumper connected
Output Contact:
Normal open (NO), common (CO), Normal
Closed (NC) 10A@250VAC
remote restart (dry contact) 100mA @28VDC
Power input 10-28VDC
Meggers and high-potential test equipment must not be used.

This is specifically made to guard generators from potential destructive high voltages from malfunctioning voltage regulators. This encapsulated solid state device is built-strong do I can protect itself from the violent vibrations and humidity present inside working generators but it will be ready to perform when necessary.

Set-up is simple using two LED’s indicators (supply voltage & over voltage) and two adjustments (sensing voltage & time delay.)

If EV-01 is activated, simply reset by shorting the two reset terminals or pulsing onboard push button.

  • Working power : 10 – 28VCD 0.3A max
  • Sensing voltage : 210-290/ 400-550VAC, 0.5VA 40-500Hz
  • Delay timer : 1-10 sec
  • Contract rating : 10A/250VAC at PF = NO or NC
  • Operating temperature : -40 to 65
  • Humidity : 10% - 95% non-condensing

  • 24 May 2019. Pricing is valid for 30 days, upon print of this page as proof.

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