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Large diesel standby generator for sale

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For Sale: 24 Volt DC Relay Panel with 3 x .5amp 240 Volt Fuses

Model No. GCU-11R-24V

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Voltage: 24
Dimensions: 140mm x 75mm x 52mm
Current: 20




GCU-11R-24V Relay Module is designed to simplify wiring between the GCU-10 control module, DSP-10 display module and the genset.

The Module is ready with male spade terminals; fuses and power relays. The power relays are used in the high current Preheat, Start, and Stop circuits.

The Module is insulated with high anti-corrosion epoxy, suitable for use in the hostile environment inside the genset control panel.



GCU-11R-24V saves time and money when wiring the control panel. 

The relay module is also compatible with other Engine Control Systems.


 NOTICE: High Voltage can be harmful/fatal! By purchasing this or any generator control panel, you agree to be responsible for the installation and application. The generator control panel should be installed by a qualified technician.  Green Power South Pacific P/L will not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages or personal injury. Our liability is limited to repair or replacement of the generator control panel if found defective.

20 May 2022. Pricing is valid for 30 days, upon print of this page as proof.

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